• Watch the best X-Men Apocalypse

    Watch one of the best X-Men movies – Apocalypse

    There’s a scene around the first one hour when you watch X-Men: Apocalypse online that is so psychologically resonant, so well placed with each other, and also so silent that you could quickly neglect you’re enjoying a superhero movie. They come under cover of evening, bring arrowheads as well as bows, and also the resulting, suppressed face off full of quiet looks,

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    Water scarcity in the movies – Max Max: Fury Road

    Water is life! I guess you have heard this saying many times. This is especially true when it comes to Fury Road. The movie is set in desert landscape, a world with shortage of resources like gasoline and water.
    Most moviegoers have watched Mad Max: Fury Road by now; those who have not are probably suffering under the glares of the fans that do not understand why anyone would wait so long to watch this massively successful film.

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    If there’s no life on Earth – After Earth (2013)

    Bruce Willis’ movie The Sixth Sense was written by M Night Shyamalan, as was Mel Gibson’s movie Signs. Both excellent movies to me. Of course, I like Bruce Willis in everything. Been a while since a Shyamalan written movie has intrigued me, but he has helped write and is directing After Earth. The original story line is from Will Smith. Even though I don’t particularly care for the likely drama of parent and child conflict in a Sci-Fi movie,

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